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Click here for a story we all should read.  ALWAYS WEAR YOUR GEAR!


Take the Motorcycle Rider Safety Course in your area!  I have been riding for years and I finally took it in August 2007 and it was amazingly informative.  It taught me things that could save my life.


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If you have a motorcycle, it will help you respect it and the things that it can do with or without you, for you or against you.

If you don't have a motorcycle then see what it's like to have one, and see what can happen when you show off or what can happen if you're not safe.

Wear your gear!  It could save your skin and your life!

If you want to keep your skull from busting open when you hit it at 110 mph after you slide on some gravel or someone pulls out in front of you, then wear a helmet!  Think of all the loved ones that it would affect if you were in a near fatal or fatal accident.

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