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Kelly Wright's Riding Diary:

Owns a 2008 Triumph Daytona 675 SE

First bike: 1993 Kawasaki ZX7R Ninja

I started learning how to ride a bike in March of 2001.  I learned from a friend who taught me by riding on the back.  He told me the logistics first, then I got on and took it from there.  I took a few lessons like that, then I started riding on my own on the back country roads.  I rode for a few months, then I found out I was expecting my daughter, so I quit riding of course for the next 2 years.  Then, in April 2004 I couldn't take it anymore, I had saved up, got my tax return and GOT MY OWN BIKE!  I bought it at Myrtle West Cycles, they were great!  My dad fixed up the plastics because it had some road rash on it.  It got a paint job, that one didn't turn out right, got another paint job, took it to Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week 2004 and dropped it!  Ha!  In front of everyone on Highway 17.  Can you believe it?  I was turning into traffic and pulled too hard on the throttle ( I had worn a right hand glove for the first time) and nearly crashed into the median, but instead slowed down enough to brush hard up against it and then slowly jumped off the bike and layed it down.  Some nice folks helped me pick it up and I kept right on going after that.  A little shaken, but not embarrassed, just glad it was still running and I didn't kill myself!  And here I am today, running this website, hoping to inspire you to GET YOUR OWN BIKE!  And always wear your gear!  I sold the Ninja in July 2007 and now own an '08 Triumph Daytona 675 SE.   See my pictures here


Akiia's Riding Diary: 

Took Motorcycle Safety/Learning Course in Fall 2005. 

Bought first bike in February 2006, Owns a 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R.

I took my first ride on the bike Saturday.  It went well.  We went across town (Winston-Salem, NC) and rode over to a friend's house and then rode with him a little.  I was a little rusty at first as I kept stalling out.  I was not going all the way down to first before trying to take off.  Duh!!! I finally figured it out after about the fifth time.  It was a lot of fun though.  I can't wait to get more ride time in.  I only went 45 but I felt like I was flying - I guess that's because we were in 35 zones.  I can imagine 60 is going to feel scary the first couple of times.  I'm pretty sure we're going to get some ride time in this week because it's going to get up to 70.  I'll let you know how it goes.  See pictures here


Maria's Diary

Got her own bike in 2006

Owns a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000

I'm Maria and I LOVE TO RIDE!!!!!!  My husband originally tried to get me a Harley Sportster Sport but I didn't like it, I hated it.  A few years later I was still wanting to ride, so I started off small based on other peoples recommendations, so I bought a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250, about a year later I took the cute little ninja in for maintenance, and my husband starting showing me the 600CC bikes and I sat on them, and they sat too high, I'm 5'4 so I'm occasionally vertically challenged :).   ......but then ...my eyes landed on this beautiful brand new black and orange (candy max orange) 2007 Suzuki GSXR-1000, that's right I said 1K baby!!  Then I sat on it and my feet could touch the ground... then I WANTED IT!  My husband said I had no idea what I was thinking or talking about and tried to discourage me from getting this particular bike.  But, I did it anyway!  I bought the bike and "I" rode it home!!!  It was perfect! I loved it!  I screamed in excitement as we rode down the highway! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!!  My husband said he could hear me over his Harley!!  It was the most emotion I've ever expressed in my life!!!!  I truly love riding this bike and I would do it again!!  I love going fast! But I'm crazy! :)   See pictures here

Maria C. Flack
Helotes, Texas


Meika's Diary

Got her own bike in February 2007

Owns an '88 Kawasaki Ninja 500

I always wanted to ride.  I live in Nashville , TN - actually in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville.  My friends and I have always attended bike meets in Nashville, Kentucky, and Alabama.  After learning about the motorcycle safety class I made up my mind to take it.  Well, I tried to get some of my girlfriends to take it with me.  I never could get anyone to commit.  So I started trying to recruit women on my job.  I guess I felt like I would be the only woman in the class.  Finally I decided to take the class on my own.  I took the class in October 2005.  My husband and I actually purchased a practice bike 2 weeks before I took the class.  It was a 1980 Honda Silverwing.  As soon as we got it home I got on it and the sucker got away from me. But I didnít give up.  I got on the bike and mostly rode around our neighborhood in 1st gear.  But once I took the class and learned to ride I was soon all over the place.  In May 2006 I became pregnant with my son so we sold that bike.  My son is now six weeks old.  A week ago I rode my friendís ninja.  I got the fever all over again.  So yesterday I went and purchased a 1988 Kawasaki Ninja 500.  Maybe I can upgrade next summer; with a new baby I couldnít afford anything more.  My husband also purchased a bike the same day so we are ready to ride.  I canít wait to go to the bike meets and meet everyone who has their own bike.  See pictures here


Bad Newz Chic's (Susana's) Diary

Got her new bike in March 2006.

Owns a '97 Suzuki GSXR750.

Bad newz is basically since we got the bike it's been in the shop so I haven't had much time to ride.  The first day I was learning to ride, before I even started the bike I dropped it on my leg, my husband just sat and watched as the bike slowly fell...which left horrible bruises,  lol...he said that he thought I had it cuz I was able to hold it up for a lil while.  I did almost get hit by a car though :( I was making a left turn when my light turned green - I started to go when a car in the oncoming traffic lane ran a red light and nearly smacked into me, but good newz is the bike's been lowered and I can touch the ground now, lol, and my frame sliders are getting put on now.  Hopefully, I'll have more stories later when it gets out of the shop.  See pictures here


Malinda's (Sweet Chocolate Babydoll's) Diary

Purchased bike on 4/21/06.  Owns a 2005 Hyosung Comet GT650R.

Took Motorcycle Safety Course on 4/22-4/23/06.

My motorcycle is a Hyosung Comet GT650R 2005.  I've been getting a lot of..."Hi-O What?"..."What the hell is that?"..."Sweet bike, it's made by who?".  Check the website for Hyosung Motorcycles (Sister Company of Suzuki Motorcycles).  There are a few pictures of me and "Dirty Red".  By the way my name is Malinda AKA SweetChocolateBabydoll.  Ive loved motorcycles for years, and just can't take another year of being a hip-hugger. I'm up front and I love the view.  I live in Jacksonville, Florida but I was born in Greenville, South Carolina.  I am former Marine, served 12 years.  Semper Fi!  See pictures here


   Slo Motion Diva's Diary

Learned to ride in 2004

Bought a Kawasaki 250, now owns a 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

I started out in 2004 wanting to learn how to ride because I was a passenger on the back of my father's bike years ago.  One day I was watching American Chopper, and decided that I wanted to learn how to ride for myself.  I asked my father if he would help me learn, and he said yes, but he became ill, and unfortunately he died before he could ever teach me. 

I decided that I would take a class instead (after waiting months on my brother to teach me), and got my first bike which was a Kaw 250.  After riding that for a year, I felt like I was ready to go up to a bigger bike, and now I have a 2005 ZX6-R!  So I'm a Kaw Girl, too!!!!! 
I am soooo glad I made the decision to get my own bike, and took a chance to do something for me.  Now I love to ride, and love my new bike.  I'm trying to get used to it, because there is a big difference between a 250, and a 600 as you know.  See pictures here


Blondie's Diary

Learned to ride in 2003.  Owns a Kawasaki 500.

I got my own bike after I went riding with this guy and he was ballin' with me on the back...  I was like hold up, I don't want my life in anyone else's hands but my own...  So I GOT MY OWN BIKE!  I first taught myself about 3 years ago (2003) on a Honda 900- and now I ride a Kawasaki 500.  I plan on steppin' out here with something hot next year, so look out.  Ladies remember GET YOUR OWN BIKE like KAWGIRL said!  See pictures here


Sayward a-k-a Pink Pimpin'

Owns a modified 600 ZX6R.

My name is Sayward Richardson and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I love my bike---I LOVE PINK.  The frame is a 600 ZX6R but the motor is not a 600 motor.  In fact it is a 750 that has a lot of work done to it.  I beat 1000's all the time and just make them look stupid.  Just the other day I won a street race against a stock Hayabusa 1300.  Put that one in the memory book!!!!  Anyway, it's kinda a game.  You tell me-if a pretty girl on a pretty pink girly bike shows up to a street race-who are most men gonna bet against???  ME!!!!  So, I'm actually beating them at their own game!!!!  Yeah, that's right!!!  Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone.  I guess it's an ego thing.  I just show up and automatically people act like since I'm a pretty girl on a pink bike that I can't ride!!!  Go figure.  I make them eat their words almost every time.  I represent Slapaho Racing.  (get it?)  See pictures here


Jay in Greensboro, NC

Owns a modified '94 YZF750R.

I have a GetYourOwnBike story that I gotta tell.  Summer '05- One day driving home from work (on 4 wheels) I met a very attractive woman at a stop light who happened to be on a custom GSX/R 1K.  Her first question was if I had a bike.  I didn't want to seem like a groupie so I just let her go.  I was telling a co-worker about it and about the upcoming BikeFest and he offered me his '97 ZX6.  He never rides and didn't mind lending it to me.  I forgot to mention I never rode before.  I taught myself on the way home from his house and rode everyday for 2 weeks at least 4 hours a day.  When the big day came, I ran into shawty and she was a lil more receptive of me on two wheels.  We rode and hung out all night.  She had no words after I gave the bike back though, and my co-worker didn't want to let me borrow it anymore.  He was asking too much to buy it so I bought my own bike March '06. A '94 YZF750R with low miles, stretched out, jetted, lowered, piped, and geared for the strip.  I see shawty now at the lil bike hang-outs and don't even look her way.  I got my own bike now shawty!


Ernest in Virginia Beach, VA

Certified MSF Instructor

Back in the early '90s I worked in a shop where everyone rode except me.  One of my boys let me try out his GSXR1100.  I quickly dumped the clutch, jumped the curb, and landed in front of a HRT bus.  I can still see the look of the bus driver's face as the bus fish tailed trying to avoid me.  My boy then suggested that we ride on dirt bike itís a little easier.  Great idea, but after riding for about 2 hours I got cocky and broke my leg.  Fast forward 15 years later.  Still riding.  I am a certified MSF instructor, and an underwriter for a major motorcycle insurance company.  So don't let a slow start get you down.  Can't be much worse than mine.  Photo


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