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From Kelly Wright, founder,

To my Dad, words cannot express how thankful I am for you and for all the hard work you've done on my bike.  I love you and miss you.  He's in New Bern, NC, I'm in Roanoke, VA, that's 4-5 hours away from me.  He can also fix the hell out of a bike's beat up plastics!  AND patch the hell out of a gas tank instead of having to buy a new one  Update:  Had to get another gas tank, now she's runnin' like a dream!

To my Mom, thank you endlessly for all of the support, emotionally and financially.  You are the best mom ever!

To my Daughter, thank you for going to bed on time so Mommy can work on this website!  Thank you for keeping Mommy from taking risks on the bike, gotta come home to my baby!

To my girl Michelle Shelton, wow, who would've thunk it...after tellin' all those chicks to get their own bike, we'd be inspiring others to do the same through this website...RIDE ON BOMBCHELLE!  She made it back from her stay  in Iraq from Fall '05 thru March '06.  Welcome back!

A very special thank you to one of my bike mechanics, Jimmy in Jasper, NC (near New Bern and Kinston).  THANK YOU for all of your help!!!! 

His pic >>

Thanks to Dennis at BMS Motorsports who always tries to answer my bike questions and if he can't he figures it out eventually.

Thank you to Matt Dooley, a great co-worker who taught me some tricks of the web-trade.

Thank you to Jeremy Georgeff who's taught me some editing tricks.

Thanks to Joe Castiglioni for designing the 3-d bike and teaching me more editing tricks.

Thanks to Mark Elkins for all the graphics tutorials.

Thanks to anyone who has touched my bike, what doesn't kill it, makes it stronger!  I will NEVER sell it!


I sold it for this!


And now...on to the adrenaline-rushing stuff...